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Window Cleaning
Written By: Matt Holmes ~ 9/28/2020

For window cleaning we start with the upper windows and work our way down to the bottom of the building or house. This keeps anything from dripping on to windows that are clean. If we soft wash the exterior of a building it is good to get the windows cleaned after we do the work just to make sure we have gotten all the streaks off that the bleach residue could have left. This does not always leave streaks, but it is never bad to have clear windows.

During CO-VID, our company is limiting cleaning interior windows in houses and full buildings for the time being unless a house is being staged or on the market to be rented. You can schedule us to come and clean the exterior windows, and we are able to stay at a safe distance from everyone. Please call to schedule interior cleaning, as we will consider special circumstances.

With windows there is no limit on how often they need to be cleaned. As much or as little as you want when you notice they are dirty. Something to note, make sure there are no sprinklers hitting lower windows near garden beds, the water from those taps will leave hard stains on the window which might not come off at all. It will look foggy or even just water spots will not be able to come off.

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